Dorset Walks

Friday March 30th
Turner's Puddle - Black Hill

list of species seen

Trip Report

A walk through a wide variety of habitats on a chilly spring afternoon.

From the church we first walked across the bridge to look at some unusual flowers in a flooded woodland. The flowers turned out to be a species of Leucojum, probably Spring Snowflake - a garden escape.

Next we walked up the hill along the ancient green lane where we found a number of early spring flowers including some lovely Wood Anemones.
Reaching the top of the hill we had a quick look at the sarsen stone and then continued along the ridge through an area of heathland. A male Stonechat appeared on some Gorse but its attendant Dartford Warbler was nowhere to be seen.

At the end of this track was a very strange sight - a mobile phone mast in the shape of a plastic tree!
The last section of the walk took us through a very varied hillside woodland. One of the best sightings here was a Minotaur Beetle which had fallen down a Badger Hole!

The day's list...


Wood Pigeon
Great-spotted Woodpecker (heard)
Song Thrush (heard)
Blue Tit
Great Tit
Marsh Tit


Mole (signs)
Badger (signs)

Minotaur Beetle

Varicoloured Bracket
Common Inkcap

English Bluebell
Hard Fern
Harts-tongue Fern
Lesser Celandine
Marsh Marigold
Polypody Fern
Red Dead-nettle
Wall Rue
White Dead-nettle
Wood Anemone

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