Dorset Walks

Friday December 29th
Swyre Head

Trip Report

Our luck had to run out eventually, and after a series of fine afternoons we certainly paid for it today!

A hardy band of walkers gathered in the car park and looked in despair at the relentless drizzle being blown in off the sea by a southerly gale. We briefly considered giving up and retreating to the pub but the dog was made of sterner stuff and dragged us off into the field and up a slippery hill towards the source of the wind and rain. We managed a brief glimpse of the sea before the mist closed in. At the top of the mound at the head itself the view was no better, and the wind was stronger. So we started back on the return journey thankfully with our backs to the wind.

We did notice the lack of diversity in the plant life either side of the path, with only a handful of species of grass and the commonest weeds. This would have been due to the intensive sheep grazing in this area raising the fertility of what would otherwise have been diverse limestone grassland. This was not the case near the limestone walls, where for some reason a far greater range of species was growing. We'll have another look at this phenomenon when we return next year.

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