Open University Exploring Nature Walk

Monday November 5th
The River Stour at Hod Hill

A flooded River Stour

Last time we were here it was a hot summer's day and we were filming Mandarin Ducks and Damselflies, see the report for June 8th. Today it was nice and sunny but the air was cold and we had just seen record amounts of rain fall in the last few days. Consequently the river was in full flood and the path was so muddy several of us nearly lost our boots!

One of the first plants we noticed were pods full of bright orange berries, the fruits of Stinking Iris. Smelling of savoury beef the name is not really deserved. Surrounding these were masses of Dog's Mercury, not a very colourful plant but one that traditionally has been taken to indicate ancient woodland.

A number of other plants were seen, and a few birds, but mostly we were seeing fungi. A good range of species in all sorts of shapes and colours, as reflected in these photos. See the links below for the relevant pages on iSpot, where the more doubtful identifications will hopefully be confirmed.


Goldcrest (heard)


Wild Hop
Field Maple
Dogs Mercury
Stinking Iris
Pendulous Sedge
Hart's Tongue Fern


Artist's Fungus
Cramp Balls
Coral Spot
Jew's Ear
Jelly Rot
Candle Snuff
Bjerkandera adusta

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