Dorset Walks

Friday July 27th
Culpepper's Dish

list of species seen

Trip Report

After a quick look at Culpepper's Dish itself we walked south from the car park noting the large numbers of Common Earthballs growing at the edges of the path.
We soon were out on the heath itself and overlooking the beautiful Rimsmoor Pond, where there was a good show of Bog Asphodels.

From here we had a good view over the heath and in quick succession saw a superb selection of raptors. First a Sparrowhawk, then a Hobby and finally the real star of the afternoon - a Honey Buzzard!
Turning round to get back onto the path a Sand Lizard was curled up under the heather. Later we saw several Common Lizards as well.
Next came a wet and muddy section of the walk that at least enabled us to come across some very nice ferns including Common Polypody, Hard Fern and the very delicate Lady Fern.

A Bog Bush-cricket was a good find here as were a pair of Common Groundhoppers.

We finished with some more excellent birdwatching as very smart male Stonechat appeared and was joined briefly by a Dartford Warbler. As if this wasn't enough we then came across a mixed flock of woodland birds including Willow Warblers, Long-tailed Tits, Blue Tits and Coal Tits.
As we got back to the car park the rain started ...

The day's list...


Honey Buzzard
Wood Pigeon
Wren (heard)
Dartford Warbler
Willow Warbler
Coal Tit
Blue Tit
Long-tailed Tit
Carrion Crow


Meadow Brown
Small Skipper
Holly Blue

Bog Bush-cricket
Common Groundhopper
Rove Beetle


Sand Lizard
Common Lizard
Notable Plants

Common Earthball
Bog Asphodel
Round-leaved Sundew
Bell Heather
Cross-leaved Heath
Common Polypody
Lady Fern
Hard Fern

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