Dorset Walks

Friday May 30th Brackett's Coppice

We came here to see orchids and were lucky right from the start when we found a huge colony of Spotted Orchids close to the reserve entrance. Although I referred to them as Common Spotted they were actually the slightly rarer Heath Spotted, at least the one I photographed was. A darker orchid found here was probably a small Southern Marsh Orchid.
The next field contained some very attractive patches of Meadow Thistles (pictured right) and one patch of Ragged Robin. A good range of grasses were seen in these fields as well, they are listed below.
After scrambling through a wet wood we came out onto higher ground and after walking through one more field came to a heathy area featured in the photo at the top of this page. Here we found large numbers of beautiful Greater Butterfly Orchids, see photo on left. There were a few birds here as well, including a pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers which posed nicely on a dead tree for us.
We returned to the car pleased to be dry (at least above our knees!) in what had been a very wet week in this part of Dorset. As a huge rain cloud travelled overhead the light was just right to appreciate the colour of the abundant Meadow Buttercups in the first field.

Greater Butterfly Orchid
Marsh Orchid
Heath Spotted Orchid
Pedunculate Oak
Meadow Buttercup
Black Knapweed
Marsh Thistle
Meadow Thistle
Ragged Robin
Guelder Rose
Wild Strawberry
Bitter Vetch

Wood Sorrel
Wood Anemone
Common Cat's-ear
Couch Grass
Crested Dogstail
Sweet Vernal Grass
Rough Meadow Grass
Quaking Grass
Meadow Foxtail
Tall Fescue
Sheep's Fescue
Yorkshire Fog

Willow Warbler
Mistle Thrush
Great Spotted Woodpecker

Meadow Brown
Speckled Wood
Common Blue
Green-veined White

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