Dorset Walks

Thursday December 15th

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Trip Report

After a grey, dull week the sun came out and we met on a calm, bright afternoon just as the sun was starting to go down.

Walking west along the ancient ridgeway track we stopped to look north towards Maiden Castle, now lit by the setting sun. A Golden Plover could be heard whistling somewhere off to the right where a flock of sheep were heading off into the distance. A Buzzard took off from the field and flew off west.

A little further on a group of thrushes flew up from the field showing dark backs and pale grey rumps, revealing them to be Fieldfares from Scandinavia. A Stonechat was perched on a fence nearby.

We reached the first round barrow as the sun was setting behind it.
We stopped near a cluster of 5 barrows and watched a Kestrel which had perched on some power lines. Another 2 Kestrels flew over heading north.

Walking back we disturbed a small flock of Goldinches which were feeding on some thistle near the path. A large pebble found in the stubble field may well have been from one of the stores of pebbles found at Maiden Castle. These were used by the Iron Age inhabitants to fight the Roman invaders.
The final stretch of the walk back to the car park finally produced a pair of Corn Buntings sat on the power lines. As they flew over us one of them gave their characteristic "pip" call.

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Stock Dove
Corn Bunting

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