Trewavas Head, Cornwall © Bob Ford/Nature Portfolio

Welcome to my homepage.

This website contains links to the various sites that I manage as well as some early examples of my natural history and landscape photography.

Please respect the copyright of the images on this site, if you want to use one in any publication you must first.

Bobthebirder's Channel ... my YouTube page, featuring my wildlife videos

Video Blog ... the stories behind my wildlife videos

Facebook ... my Facebook page

Flickr ... my Flickr page, not updated very often

Photobox ... my Photobox Gallery, where you can order prints and cards online

The Rodwell Trail ... wildlife on my local patch, updated weekly, more or less

Dorset Walks ... my programme of guided walks in Dorset - always up to date!

Birdbreak Weekends Reports Archive ... what we get up to at the Heights Hotel

Nature Portfolio Image Library ... wildlife photos from friends and contacts all over the world

Wildlife Photo Library ... no longer in use, please if you wish to take over the domain name

The Ford Family Tree ... compiled largely with information supplied by Sandy Pearcey